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'Phantom of the Woods'


Welcome to Open Sign Productions!


09.26.2014 - NEW PHOBIA Episodes on HORRORHIVE

Open Sign Productions has partnered with HORRORHIVE and will be releasing new episode of PHOBIA throughout the Halloween season! Check it out !!

05.21.2014 - PHOBIA is now on VIMEO ON DEMAND!

PHOBIA, which has existed only on YouTube till this point, is now available AD FREE on Vimeo On Demand.   Anyone who purchases the whole season will get one week EARLY ACCESS to each of the next FIVE EPISODES!   All money raised goes to making more episodes!   Help us take PHOBIA to the next level!


05.20.2014 - BIG (and overdue) UPDATE!! 2 PHOBIA EPISODES, a new On-The-Fly short, and MICHAEL STORCH WINS BEST DIRECTOR!

We Firstly, we wanna give a belated congratulations to Michael Storch for winning Best Director at the Indie Horror Film Festival for his and OSP's feature horror film, PHANTOM OF THE WOODS, which is due to be released sometime this summer! More details to come!

POTW Director and Crew

Also, since the last update we've released 2 new PHOBIA episodes as well as a very special short that was directed by Michael Storch's 5 year old son, Richard Storch. See what the duo came up with!




02.20.2014 - "PHOBIA - Episode 8 - Reflections " OUT NOW!!

We are proud to announce "Episode 8 - Relfections" of our web series, PHOBIA. Directed by series executive producer, Michael Storch, this episode makes one wonder what's on the other side. Check it out and remember, SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel for future episodes!

01.20.2014 - "PHOBIA - Episode 7 - The Third Wish" OUT NOW!!

We are excited to present the second half of our web series, PHOBIA! To start off the new year, here is Episode 7 - The Third Wish! Directed by series creator J.R.S. Storch, this episode shows how a simple wish can lead to unforseen consequences. Check it out and remember, SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel for future episodes!


10.31.2013 - "PHOBIA - Episode 6 - Fright Fair" OUT NOW!!

The newest episode in our PHOBIA web series, Fright Fair, is the directorial debut of OSP's longtime lead cinematographer Ryan Woebbeking! Directed with 80's horror in mind "Fright Fair" shows why a simple trip to the Fair can have deadly consequences. Check it out and please SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel for future episodes!

10.20.2013 - "PHOBIA - Episode 5 - Shadow Puppets" OUT NOW!!

We are very proud to present the newest episode in our PHOBIA web series, Shadow Puppets! Directed by Phantom of the Woods director, Michael Storch, Shadow Puppets explains why one should always be careful when playing in the dark. Check it out and please SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel for future episodes!

10.19.2013 - Showing Tonight of "PHANTOM OF THE WOODS" and New "PHOBIA" Episode!

Tonight is the SECOND showing of Phantom of the Woods at the Fort Wayne Cinema Center at 9:15pm! We will also be showing for the first time ever Episode 5 of our webseries PHOBIA!! We have released 6 teasers promoting the showing! Check those out and the previous PHOBIA episodes below!

09.26.2013 - Second Showing of "PHANTOM OF THE WOODS"

We are pleased to announce that there will be a SECOND showing of Phantom of the Woods at the Fort Wayne Cinema Center! The showing will be on October 19th at 9:15pm! The cost is $5 per person. We are releasing SIX teasers in promotion of the showing. Check out those out below and we hope to see you at the showing next month!

09.26.2013 - First 4 "PHOBIA" episodes out now!

After several months we've finally started regular release of episodes from our web series, PHOBIA. Created and produced by J.R.S. Stroch, PHOBIA intends to portray to strange, the terrifying, and the supernatural. Each episode is directed by one of our many directors at Open Sign Productions and each has its own unique style based on the individual director's own ideas and tastes. Episode 4 has just been released and is receiving an excellent response! Check that and out and previous episodes below or head over to our RELEASED page or our YouTube Channel for past and furture episodes! Enjoy!

06.3.2013 - "PHANTOM OF THE WOODS"  Premiere SELLS OUT!!

The World Premiere of POTW turned out to be a huge success! We sold every seat and got very postive reactions from our audience. Pictures from the event can be found on our Facebook Page.
The next phase of project is pretty straight forward, move forward with our distribution arrangement with Saint James Films and get this movie into as many hands as possible. This won't be a fast process and we can't give any difinitive date as to when the movie will become widely available.

For now, though, we plan on entering a variety of horror themed film festivals and if any of those pan out we'll definately put up the info for people who may want to attend said festivals to check the movie out. There's also the possibility of another local showing but that is contigent on distribution arrangements made over the coming months with Saint James Films. In the mean time expect a steady stream of new screenshots, interviews, and eventually a new trailer! We can't wait for everyone to get their hands on this! Thanks for your support!